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  • Navigating Data Cost Governance in the Cloud

    Generate insights to data centric expenses across multiple cloud platforms and services.

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    Data Storage and Performance

    Understand the true cost of data and optimize availability and performance levels

    Implement powerful cost-optimization strategies for data storage and performance in the Cloud: 
    • Understand data storage costs and usage patterns for informed retention decisions.
    • Optimize data availability and performance to maximize value and minimize expenses.
    • Leverage varied storage options for cost-effectiveness and critical data access.
    • Proactively save costs while ensuring data availability for essential operations and analytics. 
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    Workload modernization is key to unlocking the full value of the public cloud.  Stop struggling with where to look and how to start.


    Modernization-driven optimization enables your teams to:
    • Assess application portfolio to identify and rank opportunities.
    • Benchmark current-state architecture against industry-leading modernization practices.
    • Evaluate observed costs relative to application architecture, requirements, and constraints.
    • Consider alternative architectures ranging from light optimization to full-stack redesign.
    • Rapidly implement modern architecture across the organization.
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    Data Cost Ownership

    Empower your organization to think and operate differently.

    Empowering a data ownership mindset and understanding costs are pivotal in curbing runaway expenses and controlling rising cloud bills. Instead of hindering innovation with excessive policies, organizations can achieve cost efficiency by encouraging responsible data management and financial awareness.


    Advance data cost ownership in your organization:
    • Foster a data ownership mindset to instill responsibility for data usage and its financial impact.
    • Cultivate a deep understanding of cloud costs among team members to make informed decisions.
    • Encourage a proactive approach to cloud cost management through individual accountability.
    • Embrace a culture that promotes innovation while ensuring mindful cloud expenditure.
    • Optimize cost-efficiency by balancing data accessibility and resource allocation.
    • Drive better financial outcomes by aligning data usage with business objectives.
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