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    Inadequate Tooling

    The burden of expensive cloud cost management and optimization tools

    Cloud cost management and optimization (CCMO) tools are proving to be excessively expensive for organizations. Even with tool charges amounting to just 1% of their cloud spend, the cost can reach a staggering $1 million annually for tools that fail to meet all their requirements.


    Besides the significant costs involved, it's essential to consider that these cloud cost management and optimization tools require specialized skills to be effectively utilized, which may not be included in the initial price.


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    Fast Paced New Requirements

    Growing needs outpace existing solutions

    The needs of organizations have rapidly surpassed the capabilities offered by existing cloud cost management and optimization solutions.


    Despite having comprehensive and extensive options, they still require additional optimization capabilities, improved remediation processes, customized policy building and management, as well as more granular and automated access and permissions.


    Our cloud consultants bring their expertise in cloud technologies and cost management to analyze your cloud usage, identify inefficiencies, and recommend tailored optimization strategies.


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    Leveraging Native Tools

    The data sources needed are available for free

    Previously, FinOps teams were skeptical about relying solely on native cloud management tools. However, the landscape has evolved substantially. Cloud providers have made substantial improvements to their native cloud cost management tools, rendering them a feasible choice for numerous organizations.


    Mode3 specializes in customizing and building additional functionalities on top of these native solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each organization. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can fully optimize their cloud cost management and take advantage of the native benefits without the need to invest in costly third-party tools. This cost-effective approach ensures that organizations get the most out of their cloud resources while staying within their budget.

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