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  • The Mode3 Approach

    Empowering Your Business with Smart Savings and Strategic Insights

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    Who we are


    Platform and Technology Experts: Mode3 are experts with profound insights into usage patterns and anti-patterns across diverse cloud platforms and technologies.


    Application Team Ambassadors: Mode3 emphasizes the importance of application teams prioritizing efficiency, transcending traditional CPU and memory considerations. This includes evaluating architecture, reliability, seasonal risk, and business metrics.


    FinOps Analysts: Recognizing the growing demand for specialist FinOps Analysts who bridge finance with deep knowledge of cloud technology, Mode3 facilitates efficient cloud management.

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    What we do

    Inclusive Language and Processes: Mode3 advocates for inclusive language and processes that transcend technology types and functional design patterns in cloud environments. This holistic approach enhances communication and optimization efforts across various aspects of cloud architecture and functionality.

    Strategic Cloud Spend Focus: Mode3 places strategic emphasis on cloud spending management, especially in data-focused systems encompassing databases, storage, analytics, and AI/ML resources. Standard efficiency metrics often miss these critical areas.


    Proactive Cloud Efficiency and Risk Mitigation: Mode3 takes a leadership role in addressing cloud efficiency risk, recognizing the unique risk tolerance levels of each business. Efficiency alerts provided by Mode3 consider these variations, ensuring a proactive approach to risk mitigation.


    Architectural Efficiency Solutions: Mode3 specializes in identifying and implementing architectural efficiency solutions, including informed decisions regarding database types and data retention strategies.

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    How we do it

    Leveraging Existing Tools and Data Sources: We seamlessly collaborate with existing cost SaaS platforms or leverage native cloud data sources to gather comprehensive insights into your cloud expenditure.


    Customized Business Reports: Mode3 excels at crafting business-tailored reports using industry best practices and templates. These reports serve as a starting point for identifying and addressing apparent wastage in your cloud operations.


    Beyond Obvious Waste: Our expertise extends beyond addressing obvious inefficiencies. We delve into substantial cost-saving opportunities, recognizing their significant financial impact for your organization.


    Balancing Efficiency with Risk Mitigation: Mode3 understands that cloud efficiency involves more than cost reduction. We strike a delicate balance between optimizing costs and mitigating real business risks.


    Machine Learning Insights: Mode3 harnesses Machine Learning (ML) to gain a deep understanding of your specific business performance factors. We connect these insights with your technology spending patterns, ensuring a data-driven approach to efficiency.


    Generative AI and Workforce Engagement: Mode3 utilizes Generative AI to establish a stronger connection between your workforce and cost data. We view costs through the lens of your business's unique efficiency needs and risk tolerance. This engagement empowers your team to make informed decisions and take ownership of cost management.

  • The Mode3 difference

    Mode3 stands out by actively identifying and implementing cost optimization opportunities in cloud environments. This proactive approach not only yields tangible cost savings but also continuously uncovers areas for further efficiency enhancements.


    By aligning these strategies with your unique business objectives and risk preferences, Mode3 ensures that the cloud solutions are not just cost-effective but also tailored to your specific needs.